Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"I do believe, that there is no more tricks up my sleeve." Today is good, lately is good. I was reading through my older posts & i actually found them pretty insightful. At least to me, which is why i write this. But i give myself a pat on the back for my creative writing. Anyways, in one of my earliest posts i said something about how i want, no NEED to go to Africa for some sort of humanitarian project. Weeeeeellll....
Drum Roll Please....

I'M GOING TO ECUADOR!!! I leave July 29th & i'll be gone until October 12th. I am so excited for this opportunity. I got my official application acceptance letter last week. Letting me know when all my payments need to be made & that my travel plans are in the works. I honestly cannot believe this is real yet. I'm going to be working in an orphanage run by the Catholic Nuns in Ecuador for that 2 1/2 months. Basically you just go & give the children the company and lessons that they wouldn't get otherwise since they're either orphans by tragedy or abandonment (which is of course still a tragedy but you know what i mean). Just loving them & trying to teach them the basics that they need to grow up and be productive and able-minded. It's going to be such a humbling experience. Honestly life changing and i cannot wait to allow it to change mine. I'm so ready for a completely new situation. It's what i've been craving for months on end and i know had i know branched away from the people i once clung too & really been on my own i would have never done it. You can't grow when you have a parasite sucking the life from you every second of the day. That's what you were. A parasite to my life & my well being. But that's not the point. The point is Ecuador and the lives that are going to change mine everyday. I'm worried about the cultural differences and the rules there, just worried i mess up & insult someone on accident or somehow get myself into a dangerous situation. But i know as long as i follow the OSSO rules i will be fine. They've had hundreds of volunteers in & out of the country in the last twenty years. I'll just be another. Another thing i'm excited for is that my parents will be flying out the 8th of October when i finish my term & we get to go on a 4 day 3 night trip through the Amazon rain forest. It will be completely mind-blowing. I honestly have zero expectations for this entire trip because i know i cannot even fathom the extent of how beautiful, different, scary, amazing, and moving it will all be. I'm so lucky to be able to do this i really can't even begin to express it. 

Also, i haven't written about this, but when i fly back into the states my adorable tiny-with-a-huge-belly sister will have had her baby Avery Jade Ham the month before. So i think our plans are to fly directly into California so i can see baby Avery for the first time. (: How amazing. I'm so proud of my sister. She's honestly led such a picture perfect life and has always been completely herself & stood for her values & has so much drive and passion. It's so great to see. She's so happy & she deserves it more than anyone i know, besides my parents, who basically deserve the world. But i'm excited to meet Avery & i'm excited to meet all the other children in Ecuador that i'll come to love and miss once i leave. 


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