Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doctor Doctor!

All i can think about today, is all the things i want to do. I just have list after list going through my head. Maybe it's the feeling of being stuck in a rut? Or maybe it's the damn snow that just will not cease & desist. Pretty unfortunate. I don't even know, here's the list so far.
1. I want to learn to speak French : this one I really am going to do. I keep getting great ideas and then i just push them aside for some more normalcy and boring routine and then i get upset with the routine i have. i would be a whole lot cooler if i actually did half the things i said i was going to do.
2. I want to wear shorts. And i don't want to wear them just to wear them. I want to buy the perfect pair of shorts & wear them on a day with perfect weather & eat a snow cone & take a hell of a lot of pictures and be around people i care about. THAT is how i want to wear my shorts.
3. I want a computer. I want a macbook. I want my own macbook, purchased on my own and paid off and ready to use. I want to be able to have a place to upload my pictures & download music because i havent been able to in ooh lets say a year if not more. It's getting pretty old.
4. I want to go to Africa. This one i really NEED to do. It's not just a want, it's a life changing experience waiting for me to take advantage of. I think i have a pretty good understanding of the world & the problems people face, i mean i'm not as informed as i could be but i'm not completely ignorant either. If there are SO many different ways to help all of the people that honestly can't help themselves then why would you not do it. Why would you not take advantage of an opportunity to humble yourself and help others and improve someone's quality of life, even if it's just a little bit, i just don't understand why you wouldn't.
5. I want to get more tattoos. At least 4 more that i know of. Working on this one, strictly a money issue, well mostly. But oooooh how i dream of more tattoos (:
6. I want to move out again. I love my parents more than anyone but, i really can only stand living at home for so much longer. It's not that we don't get along, or that they're super strict about anything, i'm just going stir crazy and i need to regain my independence. It feels like it just flew out the window. Not fun my friends, not fun. I think it's just because im the youngest on my last run being in the house so they feel like they should treat me like i'm 15, which is not always bad, but not always good.
7. I want a puppy. I want a Husky. & I want it soon. A lizard is not the same as a dog, not at all, and though i love my little bearded baby Cartman, he's just not as fun and cuddly as i would have hoped. 
Okay i'm over this list now. I basically just feel like i'm complaining about what i don't have. Ah well, it's good to have a wishlist right? Right.

Also, i bought a hookah last night, and i'm not so sure it was the best purchase. Definitely should have paid off my credit union with that money. Goddamnit!! Why did no one talk me out of this?!? Thanks a lot everyone else for not fixing my mistakes before i make them! hahaha

Okay, i'm over it, going to the gym. Peace Bitches. xo

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