Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby You're Prehistoric.

I have this problem where i look through other peoples photos whether it be on LookBook or on Facebook or Flickr, anywhere really, & i get so jealous. Other peoples talent for taking such amazing photos really blows my mind, since that's what i want to do eventually it's really inspiring. It makes me want to quit what i'm doing & just go get photos. Reminds me i should probably grab my Nikon today before i go out for the weekend. I really need to start doing more things i love. I get too lazy & passive sometimes where i just don't care to get anything done. Anyways, the photos i'm referring to are from a girl I've fanned on LookBook. Her photographs are amazing. The lighting, the settings, the colors, the concepts, i really just love the whole thing. Here's her photography website: Rockie Nolan . Seriously some beautiful photos.

Here are some other photos that have added to my wonderful day today: 

Again, i don't have a lot to write about. I'm in more of a thinking/looking/listening mood the last few days. Like listening to this song: 

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