Friday, April 16, 2010

My Body's A Zombie For YOUUUU!

Hmm, I haven't done one of these in years, but i think they're pretty fun to fill out. 
Survey SAAAAYS?!:

How do you feel about fire drills?: 

Do your socks usually match?: I rarely wear socks, but when i do they're always black. 

Would you date your best friend?: Maybe if she were a dude. But we're already FB married. 

Whats your favorite weather like?: Warm & sunny during the day so you can wake up & go to the pool & lay out, then mid afternoon starts to get overcast but still warrrrrm, then rainy rainy rainy at nighttime. Again, still warm. That's the perfect weather. 

How do you determine if a band is good or not? What do you look for most?: If they just appeal to me in general, the feelings it gives you, the lyrics in the song, the story behind the song, the band/musician themselves and what the represent and stand for. There are a lot of different elements that determine whether or not i like a band. 

Are you addicted to anything? if so, what?: I am probably addicted to these: ^^^^

Whats your favorite movie genre?: Horror & Comedy.

Have you ever had an inside joke based on a quote from a movie, book, etc?: 
"Oh maaah gaawd, yo a woman?!"
"Actually...I'ma horse."
"Oh maaah gaawd, yo a horse?!"
"Actually...I'ma broom."

What do you want to do as a future career?: Photojournalism. 

If you were pregnant right now what would you do? Who would be the father?:  uuhm, I'm Pro-choice. We'll leave it at that. 

Would you rather bake or cook a meal?: Meal. Bake = Sweets = Fat.

If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?: A new 2010 Land Rover SE

Whats going to be the first song at your wedding?: Home by Edward Sharpe

Whats something only you think is cute/funny?: I think anything to do with cats is hysterical. 

What do you find attractive in the opp sex?: 

Do you ever compare yourself to members of the same sex?: Everyday. 

Whats the perfect snack when you want to relax?: Special K. 

Would you rather have a few friends over & order in a pizza or go out?: Go out for Pizza&Beer and THEN have friends over. 

If you could change any situation in your life what would it be? job, house: Housing. I would like to have my own house. >>

Do you listen to music while you work/study?: I listen to music all day every day. 

Describe a person you wouldn't be able to live with?: Live WITH? I wouldn't be able to live with someone messy & smelly & disrespectful who had a million obnoxious people over all the time or looked down on partying. Cause that would just be a bust. 

Whats your favorite thing to do in your spare time?: Music, Chronic, Bike, Read, Music

If you could learn the subjects you wanted to what would they be?: French, Screen Printing, A lot of subjects...

Whats a weird food only you like to eat?: Potato Pancakes

If you could relive one memory what would it be?: I don't think i've lived it yet. 

What super power do you want most of all?: I would want to be Mystique. 

Is there a celebrity that you'd be willing to have a one night stand with?: ^^^ MMM. James Franco/Daniel Desario (:

Describe the perfect concert-lineup, arena, weather, w/e?: Lineup: The Strokes, Tokyo Police Club, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin & The Beatles. At Radio City Music Hall in NYC. With not TOO big of a crowd, in the summer. I would probably kill myself after cause nothing could ever beat that ever. 

Do you like family restaurants or really fancy ones?: Just whatever, as long as the food's good, which it generally isn't. I don't like going out to eat much. 

Are you more of a city person or a country person? why?: City, i get bored easily & there are a lot more options when you're in the city. 

Do you want to live in your current town the rest of your life?: Not even the rest of the year. Please. 

Whats a negative thing about your town?: Close-minded religious oppression 

A positive?: It's absolutely beautiful 

Would your rather drown to death or burn to death?: I would rather drown, i like the water & i would rather deal with the pain of suffocating until i lose consciousness than asphyxiate or die of smoke inhalation. 

How many years longer are you hoping to live?: another 10 or 20 is fine. 

What song describes your typical mood? Or your current mood?: When they fight, they fight by The Generationals. Or Breakneck Speed by Tokyo Police Club. 

If you found out today your best friend was gay what would you do?: Well we're already married i wouldn't be surprised. PSYYYCHE. that would be weird. but it's her choice i s'pose. 

Describe the perfect kiss or date.: One that means more than all the others. 

Do you have a special material item you hold sentimental value to?: Baby blanket. 

Would you ever throw a dart at a map&go where it lands if you could afford: YES!! Who wouldn't?!

Where would you hope it lands?: Portland, India, London, New Zealand, Egypt, Spain, Tokyo, ANYWHERE!!!

Do you take care of yourself or do your parents help you out financially?: I plead the fifth. 

If you could get a pet for free today-what kind/what name?: ^^^ I don't know what i would name it but i want one ):

If you won 100million dollars what would you do with it first?: I would buy an oz of weed, a brand new fully paid off Land Rover, i would pick up Paige & then tell her pick anywhere in the world you want to shop & that's where we're going. 

How many people have you slept with?: Enough. 

Does true love wait?: Who knows?!

Whats a huge turn off?: Any guy who looks like this: >>>

Do you dig people with lots of body mods?: What does that mean?

If you could pick up on any instrument what would you choose?: Banjo, or the drums. 

Any Language? ^ same question as above.: French & Portuguese!!

If you had your own business, what would it be?: I would own my own Magazine. 

Do you ever wish you had a family business to become a part of?: Newp, no i do not. 

Whats the most gruesome way you could come up with to kill someone?: Slitting all their main arteries while hanging them up somewhere & letting them bleed to death. 

Do you think anyone deserves to die that way?: Besides Lady Gaga!?! jk! No, no one does that's shitty. 

If you had to fight for survival, what would your weapon of choice be?: A machete!

Omg! zombies are attacking. where do you go, who do you find, whatta ya do?: Get a camera, zombie movies are the best!

Whats the most annoying quality in a person?: Someone who takes themselves too seriously, with no sense of humor, ignorant, and texts too much. 

What cellphone is the best in your opinion?: The kind that works. 

Do you flip your pillow over to lay on the cool/cold side?: Nope, just switch pillows if i feel the need.


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