Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shadow People

Today I've been thinking about a lot of great things. About how amazing the people i know are. How messed up and crazy and lost and hopeful and happy and funny and beautiful my friends are. Every single one of them. Also, the album Shame, Shame from Dr. Dog is one of the greatest albums i have had the pleasure to hear in my lifetime. It came around with perfect timing as well. Every song is so easy to connect with. My two favorites at this point are: 
Jackie Wants A Black Eye: 

Jackie wants a black eye
Some proof that she's been hit
John wants the answers
But the questions just don't quit.

And we're sitting in the rain
and we're feeling like the weather
you could say that we're alone
but we're lonely together.

And we're all in it together now.
As we all fall apart
And we're swapping little pieces
of our broken little hearts

Jackie's jumping in the quicksand
but it isn't what you think.
She's safe cause she knows
the more you fight the more you sink

And John is following the black cloud,
to keep him from the sun
So he bends over now, 
something's finally begun. 

And we're all in it together now, 
as we all fall apart. 
And we're swapping little pieces, 
of our broken little hearts. 

And we've been hurting so long, 
that our pleasure is our pain.
Are we madly in love, 
or are we madly insane?

Yesterday's love defines you, 
and today that love is gone.
Tomorrow keeps you guessing, 
the roller coaster is rolling on. 

And we're all in it together now, 
as we all fall apart. 
And we're swapping little pieces, 
of our broken little hearts.

And we're all in it together now, 
as we all fall apart.
And we're swapping little pieces, 
of our broken little hearts. 

& My other favorite on the album would have to be Shadow People, Subrina showed me this song yesterday in the absolute perfect setting, right after a cigarette, after dark, in the car, in the pouring rain: 

The rain is falling, it's after dark. 
The streets are swimming with the sharks.
It's the right night, for the wrong company. 
There ain' t nothin' round here to look at, 
move along, move along.

The neon lights on Baltimore
every shadow's getting famous.
In someone's backyard, plastic chair
Hoping these cigarettes will save us. 
Here we go again, here we go again. 

You got rings in your ears, 
And you got kicked around and made up. 
Lookin' high, lookin' low.

Where did all the shadow people go?
Where did all the shadow people go?
I wanna know, where the shadow people go. 

I stole a bike from the second mile. 
Saw a band play in the basement. 
I crossed the path of a friend of mine, 
and i know what that look upon her face meant.
Something's gone from her eye, 
something's gone wrong. 

You could be a woman, or you could be a man, 
wear the glove on the other hand. 
Or you could be twisted, or you could be insane
Pushing the envelope against the grain. 
Just playing along, just playing along. 

And i got something on my mind. 
And i got voices on the other line. 
Saying hi, saying Hello. 

Where did all the shadow people go?
Where did all the shadow people go?

Such beautiful songs. It's impressive to find a band who can continuously make such amazing music and write such meaningful lyrics. I don't know how people can stand listening to all the crap on Top 40 Radio. It's just awful compared to the music i enjoy daily. I really hear Shadow People as one of those songs that could honestly change your life if you listen to it with an open heart and just feel it. You don't just listen, you feel the music. Which reminds me, Spencer & Brandon played a show last night, "Night of Pan". It was hilarious because they were so stoney, but really a great show. I enjoy having talented friends. I just enjoy my friends period. As i've said before, they're some of the greatest people i've had the pleasure to meet. They're all so different, but so open-minded and similar in the funniest ways. No one is just like the other and the dynamic of everyone together always makes for the best times. I'm lucky to have found good people in my life, especially when i think back to who i used to hangout with and the people i chose to surround myself with once upon a time. 

I think it's funny that i write in this blog, because it's actually i guess just like a livejournal? Not that i write in a journal. But no one reads this, cause i don't really tell anyone about it. Now that i'm thinking about that it's almost like i'm talking to myself. Which reminds me of the time i ate mushrooms with Paige & Chris at our friend Bens house. My mind was going crazy in the confusing tangent based thought process that is your mind on shrooms, when all of a sudden i went off about "If you really think about it, thinking is just like talking to yourself. You're the only one that hears it and it's not like anyone's responding but you, so everytime we think to ourselves, all we're doing is talking to ourselves." Which is totally true, you just don't seem as crazy as you do when you say things to yourself out loud. Maybe i'll just start talking to myself since clearly we all already do it anyway!


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